Temporary Marinas

Temporary Marinas

Since 2002, Walcon Marine Australia has successfully delivered, for the Boating Industry of Australia [BIA], a temporary, fully operational marina system for the 5 days of the Sydney International Boat Show [SIBS].

This temporary floating marina structure houses some 300 plus vessels and the marina pontoon system is designed for the large crowd attendance with walkways generally full to capacity with eager boat enthusiasts eyeing off the latest offerings by boat builders.

The 5000 plus square meter system is fully operational providing exhibitors with all services including power, water, firefighting and lighting.

Walcon also provides access to the marina by a number of purpose-built gangways that caters for the large capacity crowds during show days.

Apart from the SIBS event each year, Walcon also can hire its floating pontoons to existing marina operators for temporary berthing of vessels during regattas and other short term events.

We have in the past provided additional temporary berthing options to marina operators for affordable longer term hire whilst planning and approvals for permanent structures are resolved, thus allowing the marina operator to increase berthing capacity at the marina. 

Please contact our dedicated hire team to discuss any temporary marina requirements. 

We will have your local Walcon representative contact you directly to discuss your marina and floating jetty requirements. 

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