Walcon Marine specialise in floating boat ramps and boat launching pontoons.

Walcon’s designed boat ramp facilities offer a full range of options to suit all vessels and types. From our standard 550mm freeboard pontoons fitted with adjustable cleats, non-marking rubber D-fender, to kayak and canoe launching facilities with a lower freeboard of less than 150mm.

Access ramps to the pontoons can be designed in a variety of guises. Full gangway structures which include a centralised handrail system to avoid impeding boaties, through to pontoons that lay directly on the concrete launching ramp and simply go up and down with the tidal range – all of which provide compliant disabled access.

Our boat ramps are available in a range of different decking finishes. Micro Mesh is an extremely popular option due to its non-corrosive properties, providing a low maintenance and cost-saving solution. Additionally, our Micro Mesh has a fine-gritted, non-slip surface which provides ramp users with safe, slip-free access.


Considerable care has been taken through extensive, long-term testing to ensure the aluminium alloy is suitable for use in marine environments. As a result, a series of tests were conducted on our commercial prototype units to establish their structural adequacy.

*Due to our policy of continuous product development we reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice. 


up to 3kN/m².


Standard 500mm nominal unloaded freeboard with 300mm draft, however many other options available to suit every need.


Welded aluminium braced frame from aluminium alloy to international designation 6082 or 6061. The structures of walkways and fingers incorporate several special mating extrusions, developed by Walcon Marine.


A variety of decking materials available to choose from including FRP mesh decking, composite timber materials and Natural Hardwood timber boards. All are machined and grooved to give anti-slip finish and fixed with stainless steel grade A4 self tapping screws.


Standard Walcon floats constructed of rota moulded polyethylene sandwich construction with nominal 20mm wall thickness.


All main connections are made with through-bolts of stainless steel with castle nuts and split pins (grade A4) and incorporate rubber bushes. A special mating extrusion gives continuous side adjustment for finger and walkway connections. No noise is generated by the connections.


Walkway units may be used for the main concourse of a marina and for many other pontoon applications. 

Standard size:

  • WS1: 11.5m * 2.6m 
  • WS2: 7.5m * 2.6m 
  • WS3: 11.5m * 2.0m 
  • WS4: 7.5m * 2.0m


Cantilever finger units are used in conjunction with walkways giving individual berths. Fingers are supplied in lengths of 

  • 4.5m
  • 6.0m
  • 7.5m
  • 9.0m 
  • 10.5m 
  • and a variety of units mix