Walcon Astra floating breakwaters are designed hydrodynamically to provide the best attenuation of wind waves. Structural design is according to Eurocode 2 and manufacturing quality is assured under the International Norm ISO 9001:2008.

Walcon Astra Floating Breakwater treats every floating breakwater as a unique project, making a case – specific structural and hydrodynamic engineering study. The consideration of the installation as a “long floating articulated structure”, fully guarantees the absence both of structural and joints problems in even the hard conditions. 

Custom manufacturing allows many configurations as different head angles, special parts or ability to withstand traffic.

Performance of Walcon Astra Floating Breakwaters has been tested with the state of the art physical and numerical modelling.

Performance tests include both the hydrodynamic
and the structural behaviour of the complete
installation, including concrete modules, connectors, anchoring system and sinkers.

Laboratory results and finite elements modelization provide a secure way to ensure the performance.


• Reinforced concrete 40 MPa

• Self compacting concrete with fibres

• 100% hot dip galvanized steel

• EPS 15 kg/m 3 interior

• Reinforced neoprene in connectors


• Service conducts

• Wood or plastic fenders

• Wood or composite deck

• Fixing guides for fingers

• Customized colours