Walcon is known throughout the world for its innovative capabilities in engineering and design. Each yacht harbour or marina is an individual contract that demands specific design requirements.

The company’s experienced design team, coupled with its state-of-the-art computerised design system is able to produce the best possible layout and solution to port and marina civil engineering; environmental and operational planning and management; integration with tourism, leisure and residential developments. Our team of experienced engineers and designers have an excellent reputation in the industry and are the main reason that we are able to supply such a great range of products for a wide variety of applications. You can find further information on our Fabrication and Engineering capabilities here

We design and fabricate custom Parts and Accessories for quality finished customer satisfaction.

Any specific requirement can be designed and integrated into a Walcon floating marina as can the Walcon systems be incorporated into any existing marina or development. As a mark of flexibility Walcon are adaptable. The berth and finger configurations can readily be adjusted to meet future changes in berth size demand. Mooring line cleats are quickly adjustable to suit any particular vessel configuration.

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